Tao Ye Research Group

The research interests of the Ye group lie at the intersection of bioanalytical chemistry, nano/biomaterials, and scanning probe microscopy. A key emphasis is the understanding and control of biointerfaces at single molecule level and the nanometer and subnanometer scales. Biomolecules at interfaces underlie a wide range of biological phenomena as well as many biotechnological devices such as biosensors. Yet, extremely limited is known about the spatial organization of these molecules at interfaces at the nanometer and subnanometer scales and how these interfacial structures influence their functions such as their ability to recognize biomarkers. We are developing new tools, especially atomic force microscopy techniques to probe biofunctional interfaces at the nanometer and subnanometer scales. These new tools are being applied to understand how surface-based biosensors work at the molecular level and how biomolecules organize into complex structures at the interfaces.  We are also leveraging our knowledge and control of biointerfaces to engineer a new generation of biosensors with the sensitivity, selectivity and reproducibility.  Our research is highly collaborative. Students working in the group has the opportunities to collaborate with researchers from other academic disciplines, industry, as well as NASA.


September 5, 2020

The Ye Lab has moved to the new BSP building.