Group Alumni

Undergraduate Researchers

Janice Cosio

B.S., 2009, UC Merced and M.S., 2010, currently an adjunct professor

Jared Petker

 B.S. 2010, UC Merced

Micheal Coste

 B.S., 2010, UC Merced, currently a Ph.D. student at San Diego State

Thompson Lu

B.S., 2011, currently a Ph.D. student at UC Merced

Yogesh Narayanan

B.S., 2011, UC Merced

Yuan-Yuan (Ryan) Niu

B.S., 2014, UC Merced

Adriana Lopez

B.S. 2014, currently a Ph.D. student at UC Santa Cruz

Norman Luong

B.S. 2013, currently Ph.D. student at UC San Diego

Chad Drexler

Summer REU student from North Florida University, currently Ph.D. student at Penn State

Aaron Craig

B.S, 2014, UC Merced, currently Ph.D. student at UC Irvine

Zachary Calabrese

B.S., 2016,UC Merced

Eric Provencio

B.S., 2016, UC Merced, currently a graduate student at UC Irvine

Jeffrey Ayco

B.S., 2016, UC Merced

Delmar Cabral

currently a transfer student at UC Berkeley

Juan Martinez

B.S., 2017, UC Merced

Jasdip Singh

B.S., 2017, UC Merced

Gloria-Alexandra Gueorguieva

B.S., 2018, UC Berkeley

Angel Avalos

B.S., 2018, Stanislaus State University

Uriel Paez Reyes

 B.S., 2019, UC Merced

Terrel Keel

Summer REU student from CSU, Sacramento, currently Ph.D. student at UC Davis.

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