Earlier News

Jan 2018, Vianna Martinez joins the lab as an Undergraduate Researcher.

Dec, 2017, Paniz joins the Ye group.

Nov, 2017, Zach wins a MACES fellowship. Congratulations!

Nov, 2017, Melissa wins a CCBM fellowship. Congratulations!

Sept, 2017, Zach finishes his internship at NASA Ames. Here is UC Merced news coverage of his internship experience.

May, 2017, Yehan and Warren join the Ye group.

Dec, 2016, Tao wrapped up his sabbatical at Cornell.

Sept, 2016, Melissa Goodlad joins the group as a new graduate student. She will be working on biosensing using nanoparticle assemblies.

June, 2016, Tao start his sabbatical leave in Cornell University. But the lab is busy with influx of new people. Zach, an incoming student, will start to work on a research project. Delmar will be working in the lab as a summer undergraduate researcher.

June, 2016, Gary won a Best poster award at the Gordon Research Conference on Bioanlytical Sensors held at Salve Regina University, congratulations!

May, 2016, Gary defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Abel!

Dec, 2015, Dr. Huan Cao from UCLA will join the research group as a postdoc researcher.

Sept,2015: Group bids farewell to Dr. Xian Hao, who will move on to another research position in Paris.

Aug, 2015: Qufei Gu, a new graduate student, joins the research group.

Aug, 2015: With Prof. Gang-yu Liu from UC Davis, Tao co-organized the Biochemical Ligands at interfaces symposium at the Fall ACS meeting in Boston.

June, 2015: Here is the press release of the NASA grant.

The TV interview by KSEE 24. A radio interview by Valley Public Radio.

May, 2015: Tao is part of a team that received a $5 million center grant from NASA to develop nanomaterials for energy and sensing in space explorations. With NASA support, the Ye group will help develop novel biosensors to monitor crew health during space missions.

April, 2015: Gary won the Graduate Dean's dissertation fellowship, Congratulations.

July, 2014: Tao has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

June, 2014: There is a lot to look forward to this summer. Joel Heisler starts his work on surface transcription here as a rotation student. Chad Drexler, a summer REU student from University of North Florida, will work on single molecule fluorescence.

May, 2014: Our group received an NSF grant to study self-assembly of DNA nanostructures using single molecule techniques.

May 2, 2014: Jingru defended her Ph.D. dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Shao!

April, 2014: Dr. Xian Hao joins the group as a postdoctoral researcher.

Dec, 2013: Our group received an NSF EAGER grant to study DNA on dynamic surfaces.

Dec, 2013: Gary won School of Natural Sciences Dean's Distinguished Fellowship. Congratulations!

June,2013: UC Newsroom reported Eric's trip to Sacramento to visit CA lawmakers. He and student representatives from other UC campues showcased their research efforts and the importance of graduate education in innovation and discovery.